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Blog posts of '2018' 'September'

Sapphire: September’s birthstone

The sapphire stone, one of the earliest gems known to man, has a rich history connected to royalty, religion and restorative remedies. Dating back to 4000BC, the sapphire has led a theatrical life. It holds the spotlight in jewellery boxes all over the globe, acting as a glowing symbol of everlasting luxury. It even has the whole month of September dedicated to it.

How to propose: 9 marriage proposal ideas to sweep them off their feet

Your proposal is a milestone occasion you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives, and with all that pressure to live up to, it can be tough to think of a way to do it justice. If you’d like to ask that special someone to marry you, but you need some inspiration to help you pop the question, look no further than our handy guide. We’ve shared 9 romantic proposal ideas, so you can sweep your one and only off their feet in the most memorable way possible. Just read on to find out how to propose.

Vintage wedding ideas

If you want your big day to have a romantic, nostalgic feel, then a retro-inspired vintage wedding is the perfect choice. It’s an effortlessly stylish aesthetic that’s sure to make your celebration will really stand out from the crowd. Vintage weddings can also be remarkably budget friendly, as many of the things you’ll need to get the look can be bought second hand.