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Blog posts of '2019' 'March'

Watches from Famous Time Travel Movies

The clocks are changing, which means you need to wind your watch forward an hour on the 31st March (also Mother’s Day, don’t forget!). All this time talk struck a chord in us, so we started looking at watches worn in famous movies about time travel.

Eccentric Doc Brown from Back to the Future wore ...

Mother's Day Gifting Guide

Our Mother’s Day gifting guide has the answers to all your buying needs. We’ve been helping buyers find their perfect presents for a long time now, so we’ve decided to share our secret.

  1.        Choose the type of jewellery you are going to buy. There are 4 main categories; earrings, necklaces, bra...
March Birthstones: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

There are epic stories of man battling the tide whilst clutching an aquamarine gem for protection. These tales made waves through jewel collecting societies and led to aquamarine being recognised as the stone of the sea. Sailors and fishermen would equip themselves with the stone, superstitious the ...

International Women’s Day


Hunched shoulders, aching from hours of crippling sewing work. Hungry for food, but too poor to afford it. Hunted by intolerable conditions. Posters on the wall saying “if you don’t come in Sunday, don’t come in Monday” signed by The Management. Doors locked during work hours as a ‘health and saf...