New Year, New Jewellery Trends – Our Round-Up of 2020’s Must-Have Looks

January continues to linger, and with the Chinese New Year upon us, now is the time to reflect on ourselves and our style for the lunar year ahead.

Investing in new jewellery styles is the perfect low-risk way to experiment with trends and update your look. We recommend focusing on accessorising your favourite, most-worn outfits and planning a jewellery wardrobe to match them. You’ll have confidence that your look is current all year long, wherever you go.

Your key jewellery trends for 2020:

- Bold, statement pieces – think big bracelets, cuffs and chokers
- Spherical designs in gold, mixed metals and transparent, colour-less materials
- Pearls in organic shapes combined with natural materials like raffia
- Chunky, tubular hoop earrings
- Large gold rectangular link chains
- Oversized flower motifs
- Asymmetrical styling for drop earrings
- Daring colours, particularly in gemstones
- Marquis and emerald cut diamond engagement rings

Fortunately, several styles are dominating the runways and fashion houses, ensuring there is something to appeal to everyone. Submit to the magical pull of a new, shiny piece from our trend analysis below that will carry you through the year.

Bold statement cuffs and chokers

Fashion bibles like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and media like Forbes all predict this will be a huge trend. Large, sculptural statement earrings are still appearing on the runways; however, their presence is overshadowed by large cuffs, collars and chokers that would make an Amazon proud.

While the message is “Go big or go home,” if you fancy a more streamlined look, opt for a single, simply-designed piece and make it the focus of your outfit.

Large link chains and necklaces

Following the bold theme, large chain necklaces and bracelets – mostly with rectangular links – will dominate the fashion scene in 2020. Large link chains and bracelets are the most wearable pieces to invest in for a polished look. We predict this trend is likely to stay for quite some time.

Try a longer link chain or rope style chain to liven up simple knit, tee and jeans. Or seek out lariat style necklaces and wear them styled like a scarf.

Not your grandmother’s pearls

Pearls are timeless, but the style for 2020 isn’t delicate and traditional. Large, organic-shaped pearls are being matched with sculptured and textured gold or strung together with raffia.

Rings featuring a large pearl on a delicate band (like this one) are popular this year and are an elegant option for your daytime wardrobe.

Oversized and tubular hoop earrings

This jewellery style will take you straight through summer in 2020. Although the diameter of hoop earrings is shrinking, they are getting chunkier and more ornate (such as this pair), and feature uneven surfaces, diamond embellishments or engraving.

If you prefer simpler designs, opt for the tubular style of hoop earrings which are versatile enough to match any outfit while still shining on their own.

Spherical designs & clear drop earrings

This trend takes inspiration from the planets and includes interlocking or concentric circular designs for earrings and necklaces. The magic continues with transparent, colour-less orbs featuring as pendants and drop earrings.  

Asymmetrical beauty

Asymmetric jewellery is a trend for the brave and eccentric. Many designers are releasing earrings that offer complementary but not matching pairs. You may like to take inspiration from the catwalk and wear only one earring at a time – in a sculptural design, of course.

Bold colours

As spring approaches, brighten up your wardrobe with colour - think resin, precious gemstones and coloured diamonds.  As is the theme of the year, big pieces will win you the most style credits. Try a large pendant, a daring ring or a stone-set bracelet.

Blowsy blossoms

Floral motifs have always been a feminine way to polish a simple outfit, but in 2020 bigger blooms are the preferred style. These flowering trinkets feature coloured gemstones and large petals like these stud earrings with a sparkling centre.

Stand-out diamonds

Diamonds will always be in fashion, and 2020 calls for layers. Diamond encrusted stacking rings, and multiple tennis bracelets are a modern way to wear diamonds, while ear climbers and back/front or ‘jacket’ styles continue to be popular.

Engagement ring trends for 2020 include ornate Georgian-inspired designs, gallery detailing (whether using engraving or tiny inlaid diamonds), and halo rings (where a ring of small diamonds encircles the central gem). Both marquis and emerald cut solitaire diamonds are also set to be loved styles this year.

If you’d like to try out these bolder trends but are afraid of looking too audacious, pair them with simpler outfits in monochrome colour-ways or find smaller versions of these styles.

You can keep your fashion choices sustainable by researching the materials used and buying pre-owned pieces.

A final word: 
According to the Chinese horoscope, 2020 is the year of the rat.  Why not combine these trends with the rat's lucky colours (blue, green and gold), lucky flowers (lily, African violet, valley lily) and lucky numbers (2 and 3 – as used in this trilogy ring) for an auspicious way to style your outfits this year?