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How to: Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are romantic and nostalgic, perfect if you want an unforgettable day. With so much inspiration (and dare I say it, competition) out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Well don’t panic, we’ve pretty much lived, breathed and become vintage after researching for this guide, so you can find everything you need to know to throw a truly elegant vintage wedding.

Gareth Southgate’s Watch: The World Cup Timepiece Everyone is Talking About

A decent watch is a must for any football manager, as decisions have to be made based on the time that is left in the match, and of course it helps to keep an eye on the time taken up by any stoppages. The watch that Gareth Southgate has chosen to wear in the public eye during games is a particularly apt choice and one which is making waves in the watch-selling industry – the Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Wedding Ring Showcase – Unique, Beautiful and Affordable Wedding Bands Currently in Stock

Here at Est 1897, we hold a wide range of pre-owned wedding bands in stock, all of which have been fully authenticated, restored and deep cleaned so that they’re as good as new.

Behind the Brand: Omega

In the second part of our Behind the Brand series, we’ll be exploring what lies behind the well-known, luxury watch manufacturer, Omega.

The Ultimate Wedding Ring Buyer’s Guide

There are many exciting aspects of getting married, and one of the most important purchases for the big day has got to be the wedding rings. Married couples have been exchanging rings for thousands of years as part of their vows, and all around the world millions of wedding rings are bought every single year for use in both religious and non-religious ceremonies.  

Synthetic Diamonds: How Are They Made & Are They Worth the Money?

Synthetic diamonds have been causing a stir in the jewellery industry lately, and some are concerned that the mined-diamond industry will suffer as a result.

16 Amazing Wedding Ring Facts, Myths and Superstitions

To commemorate our huge wedding jewellery sale here at Est1897, we thought we’d look at the wedding ring in more detail. There are a huge number of superstitions and interesting facts out there about this integral part of modern wedding tradition, which dates back further than you may imagine. 

Behind the Brand: Rolex

In a new series of articles, we’ll be exploring what lies behind the well-known, prestigious watch brands we all know and love. This week, we’re looking at arguably the most popular luxury watchmaker of all – Rolex.

Wedding Jewellery – What to Wear on the Big Day

If you’ve got a wedding coming up this year, it’s likely you’ve already dealt with the major aspects of the day; the venue, the dress, and the guest list, for example.

Drawing Inspiration from the Classics – Tom Ford Creates New Watch Range

Tom Ford – the incredibly popular American fashion designer and film director– has recently unveiled a new addition to his range of clothing and accessories. Introducing watches is a first for Ford, who has previously concentrated on eyewear, fragrances, menswear, and dressing celebrities such as Beyoncé, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway for red carpet events. He is notable for designing Daniel Craig’s suits for his role as James Bond in Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre, and he also designed a gown worn by Michelle Obama to Buckingham Palace in 2011.