Our Mother’s Day gifting guide has the answers to all your buying needs. We’ve been helping buyers find their perfect presents for a long time now, so we’ve decided to share our secret.

  1. Choose the type of jewellery you are going to buy. There are 4 main categories; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Like fashion, there are no rules to what you can wear, so don’t pigeon hole yourself by thinking you need to play it safe.

    If you’re really in the dark, think about what your person wears often. If they love gold hoops, pick a silver creole set so they can mix things up a bit. Another great tip is to buy for the occasion. If you are planning on taking your mum out for a snazzy dinner, buy her a sparkling necklace she can wear on the evening to match her glass of champagne.

  2. Decide your budget. This will keep you on track, it’s easy to derail yourself by entertaining items outside your budget. We have beautiful pieces to suit all prices, both online and in-store. Plus we are in sale right now!

  3. Have an idea of the type of metal they would prefer. Unless the person you’re buying for only wears gold or silver, have an open mind. There is an occasion for all jewellery, so don’t worry about ‘buying the wrong thing’, every item has a special place in a lady’s jewellery box. The Royal Family have a rule where they can’t wear fancy jewellery before 5pm, but that’s okay, the extravagant jewellery has its moment then.

  4. Gemstones! Gifting your mum birthstone jewellery is a fabulous way to show your affection. It’s personal to her as each gemstone has a unique meaning.

  5. Approach your shopping trip with these simple secrets in mind, and you’ll end up with the perfect present. Mother’s Day done!

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