Pre-owned TAG Heuer Monaco Watches

The TAG Heuer Monaco has an atypical square dial, with many models featuring square sub-dials and exciting colour options. Most commonly available with a leather or rubber strap, the TAG Heuer Monaco is more understated than some of the sportier TAG Heuer designs, but it still packs a punch. Ideal for the office, special events and for when you want to dress to impress, the TAG Heuer Monaco would be an asset to any collection.

Each TAG Heuer Monaco, no matter the design or year it was issued, goes through a rigorous testing process before being put up for sale. Our in-house horologists are experts in their field, and have a good relationship with TAG Heuer. This means we can always confirm whether a watch is genuine and will provide a certificate of authenticity along with a 1 year warranty to give you further peace of mind. Each model has been tested, serviced and cleaned to ensure it’s in the most perfect condition possible, take a look at our current range today.