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How to: Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are romantic and nostalgic, perfect if you want an unforgettable day. With so much inspiration (and dare I say it, competition) out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Well don’t panic, we’ve pretty much lived, breathed and become vintage after researching for this guide, so you can find everything you need to know to throw a truly elegant vintage wedding.

One practical thing about going vintage is the flexibility in cost, if you have a small budget and guest list you can get away with throwing an intimate wedding that looks luxurious. Equally if you have a bottomless pot of money, you can have all the extravagant bells and whistles.

The dress. Aside from the ceremony, it’s one of the star features of the day, we all wait for the grand reveal. The pressure to get this right can be monumental, so let’s start here. If you are focusing on a particular decade for your vintage theme, explore iconic fashion of the time. There is a plethora of inspiration out there; in the 20s it was Gatsby flapper style, 30s it was Old Hollywood silks. Insider Magazine has a handy timeline covering the last 100 years of wedding dress fashion. If you don’t fancy homing in to an era, and you’re after more of a general vintage feel, choose a classic gown that’s ethereal and delicate. Hair is a real tell-tale for the theme, a cute pin curl to the side for the bride and a comb over for the groom will point out it’s a vintage wedding. When you upload your photos to social media or frame them around the house, the people who didn’t attend will instantly know your theme from the hair and dress. There isn’t a set rule of how you must dress or wear your hair, it’s how you accessorise your day that gives vintage flair, how far you go is entirely up to you.

In true vintage style, wear pre-owned jewellery, the gesture is romantic and fitting to the day. Using your grandmother’s wedding ring, or family heirloom gives history and sentiment, exactly what vintage is about. If you don’t have a ring to hand, we have a selection of engagement rings and wedding rings, all pre-loved, cleaned and authenticated. Rather than pay top prices for a reproduction of a vintage ring, choose a genuine ring with us at great value. Don’t worry about right or wrong when it comes to ring style, it’s your day so follow your heart, but if you did need some help there are signature classics to look out for, such as:

And why stop there? Brooches, pocket watches, hair pins, the options are endless!

Décor is essential, it sets the precedence and it’s where you can whisk your guests away in your fairy-tale wedding. There are a few stand out decorations and ornaments we pinned down that we adore:

  •         Restored furniture, a large chest of drawers with a typewriter propped on top for your attendees to leave notes in your guest book. Continue the theme with distressed chairs and tables
  •         Table ornaments will provide entertainment for your guests, think about gifting engraved tea pots as your wedding favours, waiting at each placemat. You could make a table runner out of lace doilies or sheet music and dot biscuit tins filled with wild flowers on each table
  •         Vintage wine, this is important if you plan on providing alcohol as it’s strongly connected to vintage
  •         Wild flowers. You can mix and match any colours you like, that’s the joy of vintage -it can all be a bit out of place
  •         Lighting should be warm and not too exposing; a dusky glow will set the scene. Fairy lights, candles and lanterns are all fitting options

The key is to not go over the top here, there is a balance to be maintained between vintage and cluttered garage sale. Remember, less is more, you and your partner are the event, not the theme. A vintage wedding is about a look and a feel, the atmosphere should be soft which is achieved through delicate lighting, well placed decoration and jewellery/watch accessories.

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If you’ve had a vintage wedding, or are planning one, we would love to see your pictures! You can tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!