Pre-Owned Watches - A Buyer’s Guide

When you buy a pre-owned watch it often means getting incredible quality for your budget, as well as quality which will stand the test of time and can be passed on to future generations, if you so desire.  The most popular brands, such as Rolex and Breitling tend to hold their value well, making them a good investment.

Est1897's Pre-Owned Watch Range

Our pre-owned watch range includes luxury manufacturers such as Rolex, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Omega and Cartier, among others. All watches are examined, tested and refurbished (if needed) by our in-house horologist and specialist watch team to ensure their authenticity and condition. Of course, watches come to us with different levels of wear depending on their age and use – some have hardly been worn at all and come in the original box, and others may require a little more care and attention.

Our watches vary in age considerably – some may have been manufactured in the last few years, whereas others can date back to the 1960s or 1970s. Buying pre-owned therefore not only means more for your money, but you may also be buying a watch which has since been discontinued and has an artistic zeitgeist. All of our watches have a story to tell, and becoming part of that story is now more accessible than ever.

Of course, some discontinued watches have become very famous and sought after, so by buying pre-owned you get to wear a real piece of history; something which is coveted around the globe and which will always hold intrinsic value.

Authenticity Guarantee

All of our pre-owned watches offered for sale are supplied with a Watch Authentication card, which proves that they are the genuine article, even if the original box and associated papers are missing. We check many aspects of each watch to confirm authenticity, including having serial numbers approved by the relevant manufacturer to give you peace of mind..

Pre-Owned Watch Condition

All condition information will be made available to you before you make a purchase, so you can make the best informed decision. If older watches have been worn often, then there may be slight wear or small scratches in places and these will be clearly displayed and pointed out to you.

Of course, not all watches have been worn often, and with luxury brands like this it’s often the case that they’ve been kept safely in their box and only worn on special occasions. Other watches have never been worn at all, and have been sold or exchanged because they are an unwanted gift. For many, a watch is a very personal item whether it’s ‘kept for best’ or not and many are brought to us having not been worn at all.

The condition, the design and the age of the watch all play a part in the price. Mint condition watches with their original box and paperwork will be priced higher than the same model without the box, for instance.

Want to sell or trade in your watch?

We buy and sell luxury watches of all types, and our 100+ years in the industry has set us in good stead to be able to provide you with quality, choice and full authenticity.

Watches are sold to us for many reasons – some may want an upgrade or others may not wear their watch often enough. No matter the reason why you want to sell, we will authenticate the watch and offer you a fair and accurate price. Enquire via our online selling form or bring it to one of our high street stores for a quote. If you’re happy, then we can pay cash then and there.

Those looking to buy a pre-owned watch - or browse our current range - can do so via our online shop. If you’re after a particular make and model, please do get in touch on 0800 169 0780 or use our online query form.