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Thoughtful Valentine’s Day jewellery gift ideas

Even if you tend to shy away from this heart-shaped, candy-filled celebration, you must admit Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to stop and show people how important they are in your life with a thoughtful gift. After all, in our busy lives, how often do we get a dedicated opportunity to do just that?

Jewellery – embellished and extravagant or simple but beautifully crafted – is a meaningful and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for the special someone in your life. It signifies how serious you are about the person who lights up your smile and is a sure-fire way to impress the one you love.

However, we understand how difficult choosing the perfect item of jewellery is – you need to consider their personal taste, size, budget, and how often they will wear the piece. To make this job more relaxed and more rewarding, we've put together some helpful tips and suggestions.

What type of Valentine’s Day jewellery should I choose?

Should you buy a fancy or plain item? Special occasion or everyday appropriate? The easiest way to decide is to take a close look at your loved one's style by:

Paying attention to what they wear every day. Do they choose a different statement piece to match their outfit each day? Or do they have a wardrobe of simpler pieces they wear every day regardless of their ensemble? Do they have jewellery they prefer to wear during the day and others they save for special occasions at night?

Peeking in their jewellery box. Yes, it is a little sneaky, but it will give you the best indication of your Valentine's style. Please take note of whether their collection contains large, heavy pieces, or delicate items. Do they favour gold or silver? Do they like bright colours? If you find pieces in there they never wear, it’s a good indication they don’t like that style.

(Top tip: If you are considering purchasing a ring, trace the outline of one of theirs to get the right size. You can then match it to the ring size guide below).

Ring Size Guide

Knowing their preferences for watches. A good dress watch combines functionality with jewellery but do take note of whether your intended recipient wears a watch every day, on special occasions or not at all.

You can now begin your search armed with information. Remember to keep an open mind and look beyond the retailers on your local high street. Search online and consider pre-owned jewellery and watches – you can find the perfect piece of good quality jewellery with a less extravagant price tag.

We recommend searching in two categories.

Say it with diamonds

Strong and bright, diamonds are forever. They symbolise commitment, light and love. While this gift may be put away for special occasions, a piece of diamond jewellery will be treasured and forever linked to the person who bestowed it on you.

Remember, a diamond ring isn't your only choice (unless you are proposing, or this year marks a significant anniversary) either: look at diamond earrings, bracelets and pendants for a broader range of jewellery styles. For men, consider a signet ring with a diamond embellishment, or even a watch with diamond hour markers or a diamond bezel.

See our picks below for some inspiration.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men: diamonds

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women: diamonds

Everyday moments

If you’re not ready to give diamonds or want something your loved one can wear every day, consider plain or mixed-metal designs created with quality materials. For women, colourful gems in simple settings are also an appealing option and can be worn comfortably during the day and for special evening events, particularly in the colder months.

Our picks below will ensure that someone special thinks of you every day.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men: everyday jewellery

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women: everyday jewellery

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