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0.20ct Diamond Solitaire Ring - Q5F47K (Was-£250/Was-£200)

Lovely Diamond Solitaire Ring
£160.00 £250.00

0.30ct Diamond Ring in Platinum - BXG2LD (Was-£700/Was-£560)

0.30ct Brilliant Cut Diamond
£392.00 £700.00

0.40ct Diamond Single Stone Ring - Size P - UDCVW2 (Was-£825/Was-£660)

Pre-Owned Diamond Single Stone Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold.
£461.00 £825.00

1.55ct Diamond Pendant - Ladies - 3YXKGL (Was-£8500/Was-£6800)

Round Brilliant cut diamond mounted on 18ct white gold with chain.
£5,440.00 £8,500.00

9ct Gold Cluster Ring - Size N - UAJBRN (Was-£70/Was-£56)

Coated and Colourless Topaz Set Cluster Ring
£44.00 £70.00

9ct Gold Garnet Cluster Ring - Ladies - Size N (Was-£85/Was-£68)

Pre-Owned 9ct Yellow Gold Garnet Set Ring
£54.00 £85.00

9ct Gold Smoky Quartz Pendant (Was-£175/Was-£140)

Smoky Quartz Pendant
£112.00 £175.00

9ct Stoneset Dress Ring - Ladies - M73JYV (Was-£110/Was-£88)

9ct Yellow Gold Glass Filled Ruby and Diamond Dress Ring
£70.00 £110.00

Bi-Coloured Diamond Pendant - Ladies - 3584R9 (Was-£205/Was-£164)

18ct Yellow and White Gold Pendant - Fully Hallmarked
£131.00 £205.00

Carnelian Set Signet Ring - Size N - UAJ9MQ (Was-£150/Was-£120)

Pre-Owned 9ct Yellow Gold Carnelian Set Signet Ring in Size N.
£96.00 £150.00

Colourful Cluster Ring M8YLU7 (Was-£165/Was-£132)

Sapphire, Citrine, Peridot and Diamond Ring
£105.00 £165.00

Diamond Single Stone Ring - Ladies - Size I (Was-£625/Was-£500)

Pre-Owned Solitaire Diamond Ring in 18ct White Gold
£349.00 £625.00

Garnet and Ruby Ring (Was-£160/Was-128)

Garnet and Ruby set Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold
£102.00 £160.00

Garnet Set Cross Pendant (Was-£25/Was-£20)

Garnet Set Cross Pendant
£16.00 £25.00

Gents 9ct Gold Bloodstone Set Signet Ring (Was-£210/Was-£168)

Pre-Owned 9ct Yellow Gold Bloodstone Set Signet Ring in Size R.
£134.00 £210.00

Half Eternity Ring - Ladies - Size O (Was-£90/Was-£72)

Pre-Owned Half Eternity Ring Made of 14ct Yellow Gold
£57.00 £90.00

Half Eternity Ring - Ladies - Size R (Was-£90/Was-£72)

Pre-Owned Cubic Zirconia Half Eternity Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold
£57.00 £90.00

Quartz Set Silver Ring - Ladies - Size N (Was-£30/Was-£24)

Pre-Owned Dramatic Quartz Set Silver Ring - Size N
£19.00 £30.00

Ruby Ring - Size O - TVBUKY (Was-£250/Was-£200)

Bold Ruby Ring in 14ct Gold
£160.00 £250.00

Sapphire Set Pendant (Was-£130/Was-£104)

Pretty Horseshoe Pendant
£83.00 £130.00