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Watch out, Black Friday is here!

If you feel a rush of panic about Christmas after Halloween and bonfire night, you’re quite right to… it’s only 4 weeks until the big day! But don’t panic, Black Friday is coming to the rescue. We’ve put together the ultimate guide, so you can get the best deals on luxury pre-owned watches this Black Friday.

Some of the best watch brands are Swiss (if you don’t believe us, read our recent blog all about it), luckily these will be featured heavily in our Black Friday promotions, we'll be taking 20% off all watches (excluding Rolex)! We’ve put the work in, to find and share the best of the watch brands in this blog. Read on to see.

We’ve picked a selection of our luxury watches, all to be included in our Black Friday sale. The first is an Omega, the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games. If you want to show somebody you love them to the moon and back, the silver Speedmaster below is the perfect gift. This model quite literally made it to the moon on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist back in 1969! 

Omega Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster: Was £2595.00 NOW £2,076.00

Let's not forget Omega's longest running product line, the Seamaster. This historic piece has been a flagship in Omega's long line of luxury watches - check out the 2006 version below, a stylish but versatile piece to add to your collection.


Omega Seamaster: Was £1,695.00 NOW £1,356.00

Another top brand going in is Tag Heuer. This legendary Swiss brand is closely associated with automobile racing, it suits a person who leads a high-flying lifestyle. Below if the Formula 1, a watch with a dynamic Motorsport look. This 2015 iteration features a ceramic bracelet and jet black dial that is sure to catch the eye.


TAG Heuer Formula 1: Was £995.00 NOW £796.00

Then there's the Monaco, a watch that was originally introduced by Heuer in 1969 in honour of the Monaco Grand Prix. This 2007 Gulf version pays homage to the powder blue and organge Gulf Racing Stripes that feature prominently in Le Mans racing.


TAG Heuer Monaco: Was £4,695.00 NOW: £3756.00

We can’t forget Breitling. The watch of land, sea and sky. The wings on the logo represent how the brand shaped the aviation industry, the anchor is a tell of its work at sea and the B in the middle stands for Black Friday… just kidding, it’s for Breitling and you’ll find plenty of models available in our sale next week! 

It's tought to mention Breitling without eluding to the iconic Navitimer, a watch with over 65 years worth of history. Below is a 2017 version which perfectly showcase Breitlings famous features.

Breitling Navitimer


Breitling Navitimer: Was £4,395.00 NOW £3,516.00

A real classic design for Christmas, Cartier watches always make a wonderful ‘from me to me’ gift. This will be real value for money during the promotion, we love the black colour theme throughout. 

Cartier Ronde Solo


Cartier Ronde Solo: Was £1,495.00 NOW: £1,196.00

For those of you hitting the shops for the promotions, we’ve decided to share our top-secret rules to make sure you have the greatest chance of getting the best black Friday deals:

1. Waiting for the shutters to open is serious business. You need to set up camp. Brightly coloured birds, like peacocks, have electric colour feathers to scare off predators. This is what you need to channel here to keep the shopper competition at bay. A vibrant tent is all you need to let them know you mean business.

2. Supplies. You’ll need to keep your eyes on the doors constantly and be alert to local noise. You’ll need food and drinks to support this, no tricky meals, just constant snacking. Be vigilant as you eat, we find it helps to chew in sync with your pulse for increased focus.

3. There are times when you might need to leave your camp. An emergency cut out is the answer. Invest in a 6ft cut out of yourself folding your arms, so when leaving camp momentarily you can rely on your cardboard self to secure your spot. It might be worth keeping this up at all times, so the competition thinks you have scouts on the perimeter.

Although we joke about all this, there are wild horror stories out there about Black Friday. We always have tea on hand in our stores, so if you need some recovery time pop in and let us make you a cuppa -we might even throw in a chocolate digestive!

Alternatively, avoid the waiting in line altogether. All our watches can be ordered to view in store, so you can get the VIP treatment and sit back whilst we send your favourite watch to your local store. If we don’t have what you are looking for, please let us know, we will search high and low to find it.

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